Putting People First: Citizens as customers

In Leadership and Organisational Change by Amanda Anderson

Duration: 1 week
Location: London 
Dates: 25 to 29 March 2019 
Tuition fees: £2,225 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop

Governments must change as the world around them changes.  In the UK there have been major changes in the way public services operate.  Initiatives such as Customer Service Excellence and benchmarking techniques have all been aimed at improving the quality of service delivery to the public.  In many countries there have been continuous and vigorous political debates about how to cut the cost of public services while protecting the most vulnerable members of society.


What the workshop will cover

It explores the key elements needed to develop a culture of customer focus; to lead and manage changes in the provision of public services; and to make effective use of information technology in public service management and delivery.

By drawing on UK and international experience, you will increase your knowledge and understanding of how your organisation can achieve sustainable institutional and cultural change to the benefit of the public, along with a more cost-effective use of resources.


How participants will benefit

The workshop will:

  • Help you develop your leadership skills and capacity to manage public service improvement initiatives at strategic and operational level
  • Familiarise you with the process of culture change needed to treat citizens as valued customers
  • Compare techniques for organisational assessment
  • Consider lessons learned by the public sector from the private/non-government sectors and vice versa
  • Look at the roles of central and local government in improving public services
  • Explore the ways in which a focus on the citizen as customer can improve public services
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of using information technology in managing service delivery.


Please view our 2019 Brochure (opens in a PDF)