News and views

  • Successful justice sector reform

    Ongoing legal and judicial reforms focus on enhancing the performance of court systems – in particular – court administration. These measures seek to ensure appropriate methods and are used to improve the quality and speed of delivery in judicial decision-making processes… Read more

  • Procurement and contract management

    Modern business, whether in the public, private or non-government sector, relies on good financial controls, efficient and effective services and achieving value for money both for the organisation and its customers. The latter can of course be ‘customers’ in the traditional sense or citizens for whom a public body provides services such as transport, education, utilities etc… Read more

  • Meeting visiting delegation from Uzbekistan

    PAI Directors, Claire and Slava, met a delegation of government officials from Uzbekistan attending a one-week study programme in the UK, organised by the National School of Government International… Read more

  • Promoting democracy across the Commonwealth

    One our evaluation consultants, Rob Watson, has recently completed an evaluation of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Democracy Programme (2013 to 2017).  The evaluation study rated the Commonwealth Secretariat as a highly valued partner for Commonwealth countries…  Read more

  • “What is a public service without integrity?”

    This question was asked by one of the participants in the two workshops held between 12 and 16 November and it perfectly sums up the focus of the discussions held.  The workshops, which explored a range of integrity challenges, were organised by the Government of Montserrat HMRU and facilitated by Public Administration International (PAI) UK… Read more

  • Visit from the Parliament of India

    We were very pleased to welcome eight senior officials from the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) of the Parliament of India recently.  The group was with us for two weeks, firstly joining our international Parliamentary Administration workshop and then attending a week’s tailor-made programme…. Read more

  • Capacity building for the Kosovo Competition Authority

    Our project to support the Kosovo Competition Authority (KCA), the State Aid Department (SAD) of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Procurement Review Body (PPRB) has got off to a good start… Read more


Welcome back, Cosmotina

We were delighted to welcome back Cosmotina Jarrett, Deputy Secretary and Director of Research at the Law Reform Commission of Sierra Leone, who visited us when she was in the UK recently.  Cosmotina won a free place on our 2017 workshop “From Policy to Legislation”, following completion of our client feedback survey.Cosmotina brought us a wonderful hand-made plaque to thank us for the opportunity – see photo of Cosmotina with Claire and Slava, our co-Directors.  Certainly a gift to treasure and to mark what we are sure will be a long-lasting friendship.

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